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April 20, 2020

Distribution. Simplified.

Distribution. Simplified.

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business Hosted by Jeff Halash from  from from Email: Support This Show   Main Topic: Cloud Distribution with Pax8 Ken Patterson Director of Community Phone: 720-773-4861 Teams : 720-381-3447...

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business

Hosted by Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com

Paco Lebron from ProdigyTeks

Ken Patterson from Pax8

MSP Unplugged


Live Show and Chat every Sunday at 7:30pm EST

Email: Jeff@MSPUnplugged.com

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Main Topic: Cloud Distribution with Pax8

Ken Patterson

Director of Community


Phone: 720-773-4861

Teams : 720-381-3447

Mobile: 781-307-0506



Join us for the 2020 ANNUAL – TECHCON UNPLUGGED


Get away from your business, for a weekend of learning, fun and some new relationships in a getaway retreat

Join like-minded business owners to help your IT business thrive! Hear from experts and get one-on-one time with peers facing the same challenges. Walk away with concrete action items to take your business to the next level.

Sept 25th-27th 2020

Grand Rapids MI



Instant Housecall

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MSP Covid-19 Help Chat


Here are some events that Pax8 will be doing.

Partner Town Hall: How Remote Work is Affecting Our Business, Employees, and Clients

The town hall on Wednesday, April 22 at 11:00am MST will cover:

  • How their day-to-day has shifted since the move to remote work and how they are managing external business processes
  • Which solutions they deployed to enable remote work for their teams and how they have been motivating employees
  • How they are supporting their clients’ industry- and geographic-specific challenges
  • Other ways they are helping clients through this time and how they are handling communications


Technology Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Get to know the Pax8 solutions for working remote.

Take a deep dive into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Evolve IP to learn how you can use them to support your clients and empower a productive and secure remote workforce.


On-Demand Webinar: Pro Tips for Getting the Most Out of Microsoft

Maximize the remote Microsoft experience by unleashing the power of Microsoft Teams as a hub for remote collaboration and by remotely skilling up the Microsoft expertise of your technical bench.

During this webinar, you'll hear Craig Donovan, Pax8 VP of Partner Solutions, Lyndsey Hoffman, Microsoft Programs Director, and Ryan Cromar, Microsoft Partner Development Director, discuss how to support your clients' remote productivity needs through  customization, configuration, and integrations. You'll also find out how your team can remotely earn Microsoft certifications through a leading education platform.

The webinar will cover:

  • How your peers are handling remote Teams roll-outs, training, and support
  • Configuration best practices to harden Teams for optimal remote security
  • Leveraging built-in integrations and recommended app extensions for improved content collaboration and project management
  • The new Pax8 program to help your remote workforce earn Microsoft certifications
  • How to get access to the leading education platform for Microsoft certifications
  • Understanding new Microsoft offers that are in-market


Instant Housecall Kickstarter is a free program designed to help new entrepreneurs who were impacted by layoff due to coronavirus. If you are starting a new computer repair, MSP, IT service, or IT consulting business, Instant Housecall Kickstarter is for you.


6 months free Instant Housecall Remote Support Software (Entrepreneur Edition)

6 months free mentoring from an industry advisor, 1 hour each month for 6 months

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