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July 20, 2020

Managed Security Operation Center

Managed Security Operation Center

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business Hosted by from from from Email: Support This Show   Main Topic: Managed SOC Platform Built for MSPs delivering cyber security to SMBs ENDPOINT | NETWORK | CLOUD   Links: Call to Action: Our...

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business

Hosted by

Paco Lebron from ProdigyTeks

John Dubinsky from Maven Group

Billy Austin from Rocket Cyber

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Main Topic: Managed SOC Platform

Built for MSPs delivering cyber security to SMBs




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Our friends over at Syncro are hosting a giveaway for a few weeks. Those who sign up for a free trial of Syncro and attend a product tour will receive a nifty Syncro mug!  Visit the URL to book your demo today: https://bit.ly/mugpl


Paco Tips

Smart Calling on Sales

In this new day and age you need to re-adjust your sales process and comfort. My good friend blah blah blah


John Tips

Microsoft Windows File Recovery (Windows 20-04 only)

Accidentally deleted an important file? Wiped clean your hard drive? Unsure of what to do with corrupted data? Windows File Recovery can help recover your personal data.

** Do not ignore the Store for Microsoft tools that might help. - Windows Scan, Microsoft Whiteboard, Wireless Display, etc.



WhatsMyIP.org started in April of 2001 when I bought this domain name on a whim. This site was originally hosted on an Apple Mac Quadra 700, connected to a residential internet connection, and the IP Addresses were retrieved via AppleScript. We've come a very long way. If you want to see how long, check us out on Archive.org!

** Port Scanners, WhoIs & DNS, Website Rankings, Password Generator, MAC Address Lookup, etc., etc., etc.


VOIP Tips (rant) 

If you are going to be a VOIP provider you ARE going to be a network engineer.

  • If your vendor cannot provide you recommendations on the following - FIND A NEW VENDOR.
  • Your vendor vetting is EXTREMELY important.  Your vendor will easily be 70% of a successful installation.  95% of VOIP sales vendors will ask nothing about the current infrastructure or supply necessary requirements.  Understand that your customers really have no idea what VOIP is, they simply want phone service.
  • There is nothing VOIP cannot do versus an on-site PBX with the correct vendor and configuration.
  • You need to have commercial grade equipment for a successful installation that supports the settings requirements of VOIP (RTP and SIP traffic (QoS) and firewalls that are SIP/VoIP friendly).
  • Know and understand UDP.  You will need to configure or accommodate this for BLF (Busy Lamp Field).   
  • Know and understand QOS (quality of service) so you can prioritize traffic.
  • Large VOIP installations are going to most likely need a separate VLAN for voice.
  • Correctly configure your firewall to bypass trusted VOIP traffic without inspection.
  • You will need both LAN and WAN bandwidth. Example: Take the amount of phone connections times 100kpbs (check with your VOIP vendor) for a good approximation of just your voice needs.
  • Do not forget about VOIP security.  Make sure your vendor considers compliance and feature needs (spam calls, HIPAA, training, etc.).  Make sure you 911 is correctly configured.


Billy Tip

Have insight and visibility into customer account authentications.


Guest:  Billy Austin - President & Co-founder at RocketCyber

Billy Austin LinkedIn Profile




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RocketCyber's threat detection apps provide solutions for many cybersecurity use cases. Each use case facilitates cyber monitoring opportunities for the managed service provider. Login to your account to turn on preferred RocketApps, no separate installation required.


Each App is purposely built to detect malicious/suspicious activity spanning endpoint, network, and cloud attack pillars. When threats are detected, RocketCyber provides the MSP operator reporting, a triage view, and the ability to generate tickets to your PSA.


Cybersecurity Framework (NIST)


Pax8 NIST Cybersecurity Framework


Windows Defender



Sentinel One


Untangle Firewall

What is a firewall Syslog - firewall log monitoring acting as a syslog collector. Messages are parsed, analyzed, and enriched with threat intel for potential threat indicators. When a threat or security event is detected, message details show up in the console.

What is a Syslog?

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