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Dec. 7, 2020

Quickly Resolve IT Issues

Quickly Resolve IT Issues

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business Hosted by Jeff Halash from  from John Dubinsky from from     Email:   Support This Show   BRINGING THE I.T. COMMUNITY TOGETHER Join like-minded business owners for a...

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business

Hosted by Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com

Paco Lebron from ProdigyTeks

John Dubinsky

Kodie Dower from NinjaRMM

AJ Singh from NinjaRMM


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Join like-minded business owners for a weekend packed with resources to help your IT business thrive! Hear from the experts and get one-on-one time with peers facing the same challenges. Walk away with concrete action items to take your business to the next level.


Main Topic:

Deliver exceptional IT services with powerful remote tools

NinjaRMM offers all the tools you need for endpoint management and none that you don’t. We combine a comprehensive IT monitoring and management toolset with best-in-class integrations into a single-pane-of-glass, ensuring you can deliver exceptional IT services quickly and effectively.



John Tip


Send notes that will self-destruct after being read.



All passwords are encrypted prior to storage and are available to only those with the secret link.

Once expired, encrypted passwords are unequivocally deleted from the database.


Vendor Communication - Enroll with a partner, not a vendor.  When there are problems (and there will be) make sure your vendor communities with you or even directly with your customers on the issue and status.


NINJA - Kodie Dower Tip

Stay curious.  Push, learn and understand something new on a regular basis.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish


NINJA - AJ Singh Tip

Say yes… and learn along the way!


Trello helps teams work more collaboratively and get more done.

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.



Remote Monitoring and Management Software You'll Enjoy Using

Everything you need to deliver 100% remote IT support.


Started January 2013 (incorporated Jan 2014)


Product Board

Productboard helps product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap.


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NINJA Pricing

Pay-per-device pricing for the #1 RMM Software


G2 RMM Grid

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is used for network management and asset monitoring for IT systems. These tools provide visibility over connected endpoints, actions taken, and network performance. These tools are used within IT departments to ensure remotely connected IT assets are standardized, performing optimally, and operating in accordance with standards. RMM tools typically come with features that allow IT professionals to track issues, monitor systems, allocate tasks, and automate maintenance jobs.


RMM software can help businesses gain insight into the performance, health, and status of their various IT assets. They can also help IT


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